Lucia De Luca (15 aprile 2021) Crystallization results for pairwise interaction energies in two dimensions

Seminari dell’Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo del Cnr:  “AIM: Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics, fundamentals and  beyond”,

Il prossimo si terrà Giovedì 15 aprile 2021, ore 14:30
Speaker: Lucia De Luca
Titolo Crystallization results for pairwise interaction energies in two dimensions

Abstract  I will discuss some recent crystallization results for pairwise interaction energies of systems of particles in the plane. I will focus on the so-called Heitmann-Radin (HR) sticky disc potential that in its classic form is defined by V(r)=+infty for r<1, V(r)=-1 for , V(r) elsewhere. For the classic HR functional it has been proven that minimizing configurations are subsets of the triangular lattice. First, I will show how this result extends in a suitable sense to the class of quasi-minimizers. Furthermore, I will enrich the classic HR model in order to deal with vectorial crystallization problems arising in mathematical biology. Specifically, associating a vectorial orientation to each particle of the configuration and enforcing threshold criteria for the interactions between particles, I will show that minimizing configurations exhibit the so-called diamond formation (typical in fish schooling).

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